• “Asian Bodywork Therapy” and “Massage Therapy” are indeed two different things. There has been much debate between professionals and professional organizations about what techniques, philosophies and descriptions cross over from one modality to the other and where certain seperations lie. “Bodywork” is a general term that applies to a vast group of manual manipulation forms.


Kare Foot Spa & Bodywork

Our King of Prussia store has been temporary relocated Three stores down to BloomingDale’s. Across from West Elm; next to Timberland on the same level.

We are a small local massage chain stores mainly located inside the local shopping malls. We provide mainly the Asain Bodywork Therapy (ABT) to our clients. We take walk in only which is no appointment will be accepted. Please check our stores for details.

We charge by the time only, not by the service. One hour is $50 and up; 30 minutes is $30 and up; 90 minutes is $75 and up.